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If Katz were a cook, he would be awarded a Michelin star for his cuisine – a fresh and original fusion of ingredients and inspiration from all around the world, and perfectly controlled skills – definitely not for purists!


But Katz is not a cook, he’s a DJ. And what he plays is kind of special. Bassy club music meets folk samples from all over the globe. Hip hop vocals riding a reggae tune, rock’n’roll memories laid over drum’n’bass. Speed halving leading into regions of trap, and from there a quick side-step into twerk-moves.  Then the trip goes to bassy glitch and funk, touching moombahton. A little bit of swing, some electro, and from time to time a hit tune sparkles and then dissolves away, before you even recognize it. Sounds really motley, and that’s exactly what it is: fresh fusion-cuisine inna musical way.